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Test Your Download and Upload Speeds

What is a good internet speed?

The minimum requirement for good internet speed is at least 5-25 Mbps download and 3-5 Mbps upload, as defined by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). But you’ll get better results with an internet plan that supports download speeds between 40–100 Mbps.

That said, no one wants to overpay for internet speed. You can use our How Much Speed Do You Need? Tool to generate a personalized internet speed recommendation based on how your household uses the internet. Find that sweet spot of sufficient download speed without overpaying for speed you won’t use.

Speeds you should expect from different types of internet

 Typical speed rangeMax speeds up to
DSL10–25 Mbps100 Mbps
Cable50–100 Mbps1,000 Mbps
Fiber100+ Mbps2,000+ Mbps
Satellite20–35 Mbps100 Mbps
Fixed wireless5–25 Mbps1,000 Mbps

Your internet plan defines your maximum speed no matter what type of connection you have.

We specialize in satellite internet and for rural customers, with limited options, this is an excellent, reliable connection for high speed internet.

SpeedWorks for
0–5 Mbps-Checking email
-Streaming music to one device
-Using Google or Bing
-Streaming SD content to one device
5–40 Mbps-Streaming HD and FHD content to one device
-Videoconferencing with Zoom
-Gaming online on one device
-Streaming games from Stadia
40–100 Mbps-Streaming UHD content to one device
-Playing an online game
-Downloading large files
-Running multiple smart home devices
100–500 Mbps-Streaming UHD content to multiple devices
-Gaming online on multiple devices
-Participating in group Zoom meetings
-Streaming very high quality audio
500–1,000+ Mbps-Livestreaming on Twitch or Facebook
-Streaming 8K UHD content to one device
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Why 21st Century Communications?

As an Authorized HughesNet Retailer, 21st Century Communications is dedicated to providing our customers with the very best in high-speed satellite Internet. You won’t find a better service at a better value than any other satellite Internet service provider. 21st Century Communications strives to provide fast and efficient service while installing or updating your HughesNet services. 

We provide the same level of service to our loyal customers as we would to our family and friends in hopes of providing outstanding customer service, every day. When working with, 21st Century Communications your Local HughesNet Authorized Retailer, you can guarantee personalized HughesNet service with great internet.  

Call today for an Internet quote and see why we have worked with over 30,000 customers in the South East since 2012. We are here to earn your business.

Call our office at (844) 663-9434 to talk to our, friendly staff.

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