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About us: 21st Century Communication

Why 21st Century Communications?

We are the best internet retailers and strive to smoothen your experience 

As an Accredited HughesNet Retailer, 21st Century Communications is committed to providing our clientele with the fastest satellite Internet service possible. No other satellite Internet provider can match our balance of high-quality service and affordable rates. 21st Century Communications tries to deliver timely and effective assistance while establishing or upgrading your HughesNet services. In an effort to consistently wow our regular clientele, we treat them as we would our own family and acquaintances. 21st Century Communications is your regional HughesNet Certified Retailer, so you know you’ll get the best customized service and high-quality connectivity when you connect with us.

Get High-Speed Internet with 21st Century

Get off of that sluggish, unreliable internet onto something that’s both dependable and quick, all at a price you can afford. We provide a fast and steady internet connection, perfect for streaming videos, playing online games, chatting with friends and family, and downloading movies and TV shows.

We are constructing the internet in its intended form. 21st century eliminates common internet connection issues. We can provide you with anything from premium email and site hosting to security software and lightning-fast connections. We are familiar with high-quality internet since we contributed to its development.


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This prepaid card is courtesy of 21st Century Communications. You will be sent an offer email for steps to follow for redemption. You will be able to redeem your gift card 60 days from your activation date. If you have any questions about your rebate status call 21st Century Communications at 1-800-790-3306 Extension 5 or info@21stcenturycom.com.