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Internet & Phone Bundle Service Plans

One of the challenges many people in rural areas face is the lack of quality internet services. For many, choosing the internet through the phone provider is the only option, and this is poor quality internet that is slow and limits your use. In addition, requiring the phone line makes it difficult to use the internet and also be available for incoming or outgoing calls.

HughesNet offers a solution to this problem. Not only do these plans provide fast broadband internet, but customers can choose to bundle their phone service with HughesNet Voice plans.

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HughesNet Uses VoIP Technology

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol allows you to receive and make calls over the internet just the same way your computer is able to receive and send data. VoIP calls are crisp, clear, and high quality, providing better service than traditional phone carriers and providers.
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The choice of VoIP services with HughesNet Voice means no need for phone lines, wires, and costly installation processes. This is also an important factor in rural areas where storms and bad weather can easily take out phone lines for days. The VoIP services are not impacted by these issues, providing you with exceptionally reliable phone service.

If you are using HughesNet internet, you already have the ability to use HughesNet Voice.

Benefits of HughesNet Voice

Unlimited Calling!
Unlimited calling in the United States and Canada is just one of the benefits of HughesNet Voice.

International Calling!
For those who make international calls, HughesNet Voice has two different plans that include service to over sixty different countries.

FREE features!
Premium features such as a Voicemail, Call Waiting, Caller ID and even a Web Self-Care portal are all included.

Keep your phone number!
Customers can choose to move their existing phone number or choose a new number.

No cost for equipment!
You receive a free analog telephone adaptor ($75 value) to allow you to start using HughesNet Voice with your satellite internet.‡‡

Internet and phone use at the same time!
Customers can make phone calls and surf the web at the same time, and calls do not count towards your data usage on your plan.

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Order HughesNet Voice and HughesNet Internet

If you live in an area where there are limited choices in internet providers, HughesNet Internet and HughesNet Voice offer the ideal solution. When bundled, they save you many while allowing you and your family to enjoy fast, reliable, and quality internet and phone services. Customers receive professional installation, dependable satellite and phone service, and the confidence in knowing they can stay connected.

Bundling HughesNet Voice and HughesNet satellite is not just about fast internet speeds. It is also a cost-saving option for most people in rural and remote locations. You can get rid of your phone line and enjoy the benefits of VoIP phone service.

Setting up your HughesNet Voice is easy. With your subscription, you will receive an analog telephone adapter or ATA, which automatically routes any phone calls through the modem and dish used by your HughesNet Gen5 satellite internet service. It is easy to do and requires no technical skills or complicated installation processes. In just a few minutes, you will enjoy all the benefits of HughesNet Voice and HughesNet satellite internet service at your home.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Your HughesNet phone service is transmitted by satellite the same way your Internet service communicates with a Network Operations Center (NOC). That way, your phone doesn’t even need wires, so you can live far away from where phone poles can reach and still have clear calls to anywhere in the US, Canada, Mexico, and 60+ other optional countries.
HughesNet telephone service includes Canada and Mexico in its plans. There are also add-on packs for 60 other countries, so you can call wherever you need!
Telephone service from HughesNet comes with all the features you love. Call waiting, caller ID, voicemail, call forwarding and call blocking, all on an easy-to-manage web portal. Plus, if it’s available you can keep your old phone number when you switch to HughesNet!
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