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We know internet data is confusing. Mostly all internet and phone providers are offering data based plans in today’s market. Whether you have satellite, cable, fiber or wireless internet, you want to know how much data is included with your internet service plan. We find that most consumers assume they need as much as possible. Here is what a Gigabyte means in real terms. Hope this data usage explanation helps give you a better idea of how much data your household may need for your home internet service.

Close up view of internet equipment and cables in the server room

Internet data usage is the measurement (expressed in bytes, kilobytes, megabytes or gigabytes) of the amount of data flowing through your computer and the Internet network for a defined period. These data are transferred in both directions: from the Internet network to your computer (download), and from your computer to the Internet network (upload).

Whether it’s surfing the Web, sending emails, online games, various downloads, or using network gaming consoles, any activity on the Internet generates usage.


  • Activity Per 1 GB
  • Streaming Audio/Radio 14 hours
  • Video Streaming (Standard) 1.5 hours
  • Video Streaming (HD)30 minutes
  • YouTube (HD)48 minutes
  • Web Browsing 500 pages
  • Social Media 1 hour
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